Once you have registered with Edugrafx you will receive an email within 2-3 days providing you with login details. Click the button below and use the ID and password provided to login for the first time to JupiterEd o open directly from the email. JupiterEd is the software system used for EduGrafx classes. After you login in the first time, the system will ask you to reset your password. Below is a video showing you how to login the first time and use the JupiterEd system. If you lose the link or bookmark, you may come to this page and click the pink button at the bottom to go back to the Jupiter Ed system.

You may bookmark the login and add the shortcut to your desktop, launchpad, or home screen for faster access in the future. If you open the website on a tablet or phone, directions to create an app shortcut are on the screen. Be sure to click student or parent depending on who is logging in and select the school “EduGrafx” from the bottom drop down menu. The below image shows what you should see after you click the login button. You will type the name of the student as it appears on the email and enter the given password or the password you selected.

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