Placement screening options are listed below, least difficulty to greatest difficulty. Passing a placement screen with a score of 100% means the student should be screened at the next level. An answer key is provided for you to check their work. It is advised to do only one placement screen per day. If a student has difficulty within the first few problems of a screen, that is most likely the level they should start with. Always make sure by allowing them to complete the screen below before enrolling them in a subject that is too difficult.

Click on the highest level you believe your student capable of passing readily. The file will open in a new tab. Print it, keep the answer key separate, and allow the student to complete the problems. Use the answer key to add the correct number of points together and divide by the total number of possible points to determine their percentage passed.

Pre-Algebra can be counted as a graduation credit, but not a transcript credit in some US states. Check with your local homeschool group for more information regarding the difference and how your local colleges consider it.

United States colleges accept Algebra 1 as a higher math credit for a high school transcript.
(1 Carnegie Unit)

United States colleges accept Algebra 2 as a higher math credit for a high school transcript.
(2 Carnegie Units – [1 CU] Algebra 2 and [1 CU] Geometry)

Most colleges require a minimum of 3 high school mathematics credits. Successfully completing Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 from this curriculum provides the student with a third credit in Geometry. Geometry concepts and formulas, as well as proofs, are introduced in Algebra 1 and completed in Algebra 2. This allows a student who is behind the ability to catch up; or the student who is ahead to graduate early.

Advanced Mathematics also called Algebra 3 will be added in the 2023-2024 school year. It is not in the current plan to add Calculus or Pre-Calculus to our offerings but it may be considered if demand is high enough.

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