Multiplication Mechanics

Not everybody is great at memorization and even those who memorized their multiplication tables in third grade can still sometimes draw a blank when put on the spot. Here are some quick ways to recalculate them instantly. 5 Times Tables: Cut the number in half and then times ten. 2 x 5 = 1 xContinue reading “Multiplication Mechanics”

Free Graphing Calculator!

Have you ever priced a graphing calculator? Those things are outrageous. It occurred to me one day that they are almost as expensive as a cheap laptop. Why hasn’t someone figured out an app for that already? Turns out I was a little slow on the uptake, someone already had! Enter Desmos. It is aContinue reading “Free Graphing Calculator!”

Why is high school math so hard?

For a few, math just falls together and makes sense. But for most, one of the hard things about moving from elementary mathematics into the algebras is the abstract concept of having freedom to manipulate the problem in more than one method. There are clear directions given, but we can choose how to think aboutContinue reading “Why is high school math so hard?”