As a math nerd and homeschool mom, I enjoyed refreshing my math skills while teaching my children high school mathematics. During this time, I became a math tutor at a local cottage school and it all fell into place. It became clear that more teaching time was needed than our once weekly meetings provided. Creating and publishing my own videos extended that time and gave the students the opportunity to watch and rewatch, as needed, to master concepts. This, paired with lessons that allowed them to rework incorrect answers, gave them the confidence to try over and over again until they gained understanding. Even with all of this in place my students needed just a little more; I call it a mom’s touch. When they struggled with a concept, I created personalized videos that spoke directly to them. It engaged them and created an expectation. Because of the nature of the media used, I felt empowered to share my videos with other homeschool parents and organizations who might not have the same resources to engage and empower their own students mathematically.

What People Say

“When I started this year, I hated math. But I finished my final exam with a 99 and I kinda like it now.”

Hailey R.

“You see this hard problem and then do all the little steps and come out with the right answer. It makes me feel amazing to know I did that!”

Chloe C.

“My daughters both had Mrs. Tracy for math and we couldn’t have done it without her. She is amazing!”

Kelly M.

Let me help you with high school math!

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