Why is high school math so hard?

For a few, math just falls together and makes sense. But for most, one of the hard things about moving from elementary mathematics into the algebras is the abstract concept of having freedom to manipulate the problem in more than one method.

There are clear directions given, but we can choose how to think about the problem and develop our own path for solving it. It becomes more about understanding the relationship between the numbers than it is about solving a given operation. Using multiple operations within a single problem, mixing in language and then asking the student to determine how to solve it creates a different level of stress in each of us.

That much responsibility coupled with lack of specific direction is the perfect storm for math anxiety which make it all seem so much harder than it really is. The goal at EduGrafx is to illustrate through video and other multimedia the relationship between the numbers and how all the math rules work together. This provides a clearer understanding of the abstract concepts we ask our students to tackle. See how EduGrafx can help your student. Try watching some of my free videos on youtube.

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